IVF Journey

I am a fixer. When something is wrong I want find out what the problem is and fix it right away. If for some reason the problem is not easily fixed anxiety and restlessness follow. Infertility is one of those problems that just can't be fixed or necessarily explained. Ultimately we decided IVF might help... Continue Reading →

Snowy Hikes Anyone Can Do

Although the snow hasn't been as impressive as years past, the mountains are acceptably dusted and makes for a beautiful slippery adventure.  Now that Christmas has ended I hope that cheery holiday spirits hasn't slowly dwindled along with the long cold months of winter.  If so, a snowy hike in the mountains above the doom and gloom... Continue Reading →

Sites to See in Syracuse NY

I recently went on a trip to Syracuse NY.  Not really for vacation, but we did find some gems around the area and had some fun.  So if you find yourself in Syracuse here are some places you have to check out! Watkins Glen State Park This state park is a very famous and populated... Continue Reading →


I am the kind of person that likes to know where I am going.  I research, plan, and plot before I pick my destination.  I like to be in the know.  There is nothing more satisfying than checking off landmarks as I go, knowing I am headed in the right direction.  It's a coping mechanism.... Continue Reading →

Davis Creek Trail

  There are so many great hikes in Farmington!  Davis Creek trail actually offers multiple hiking options.  The hike consist of three different loop possibilities.  Venturing to the waterfall and around is a short and sweet 1 miler loop.  Very easy and great for kids.  If you want more of a challenge you can take the second loop up... Continue Reading →

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