Adams Canyon

This hike is definitely at the top of my list of favorite hikes, just because it is so close to home.  The fact that my husband proposed to me at the top doesn’t hurt it’s standings either.  I have seriously hiked Adams over a hundred times.  That is not an exaggeration.  Adams Canyon is located in Layton, Utah off Highway 89.  It is family friendly and is hiking accessible during any season.  Spring, Summer, Fall… and especially Winter.  So pull yourself away from the warm fire and get out there!  Yes, it may be cold and icy but Winter hiking is so beautiful and is probably my favorite time to hike!  The water fall freezes over and everything looks so different.  Plus there aren’t nearly as many people up the mountain.  You basically have the hill all to yourself.  However, snow can be slippery, just ask my husband…  we have spent many snowy hikes slipping and sliding up and down mountains so, I’d invest in some ice cleats.



This Hike is roughly 5 miles round trip with a 1400 ft elevation change to the water fall.  The steepest part of this hike is the sandy switch backs at the beginning and although they may seem never ending, they aren’t.  They do eventually end and once you get past them it is smooth sailing from there on out.  But be prepared for a work out!  This hike is moderately strenuous, nothing too terrible and the beginning is the worst of it.  Better to get it over with at the beginning.  The views are well worth the inclines.



The hike is well laid out and you really can’t get lost.  although you can do a few different hikes other than the main waterfall if you want.  After braving the steep switch backs you have some options.  You can take the main trail to the main waterfall for your 5 mile hike round trip.  Or you can take the first right after all the switch backs and go down, instead of up.  That will lead you to a mini water fall that isn’t nearly as far or as strenuous as hiking to the main one.  This waterfall is miniature in comparison to the one at the top, but is still a good size.

If you are feeling highly motivated and ready for a very steep strenuous hike go straight up the hill to the left of the main waterfall trail and make your way towards Francis Peak.  You can hike straight up to a cabin there.   To learn more about this hike visit my post Adams Cabin Trail.

So if you are looking for a moderate hike your whole family can enjoy then Adams is it.  Everyone and their dog is doing it!  Although these dogs look pooped.  IMG_1366


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