Fifth Water Hot Spring

Hot Springs are always a good destination and this hike definitely lives up to the hype.  But beware, many people like to relax in the hot pots nude.  So, even though I believe this hike is very kid friendly, you may come across something you don’t want them to see. I don’t want to see it either, so future hikers…. keep your clothes on!  I did this hike over thanksgiving break, and it seemed everybody else wanted to burn off their turkey dinners as well, because the place was packed.  But, I didn’t see any nudes.  Maybe they were being shy after all the added calories?


This hike is located in Dimond fork Canyon just passed Spanish Fork and is very easy to find.  Just follow the signs.  When you get to the trail you will have a choice between going across a bridge or going straight.  Go straight.  I am not sure where the bridge leads.  You then will venture on a 2.5 mile path to the hot pots. Making 5 miles round trip.  The elevation gain is only 725 ft.  Not steep at all, and great for youngsters.  I would recommend hiking up in your swim wear and packing towels and possibly a change of clothing if going in the Fall or Winter.  We went in November, so hiking down in wet clothing would have been freezing!  Summer may be a little different and am sure you can run around soaking wet for as long as your heart desires.   I just recommend being prepared.

There are many hot pots at the top and the higher you go up the hotter they get.  some are just lukewarm while others are scalding so test the pots before you jump in.  There are two little water falls you can venture to as well, one at the top of the first pots and if you keep going on the high trail, its about a 4 minute walk to the second falls.  The water is blue and green depending on the temperature and is very pretty!  Obviously I would have liked to go when there weren’t so many people.  If you are like me you will want the same.  I’d recommend going in the middle of the week if you want less crowds.  You then can have your choice of pools and even get naked…. apparently.  But be warned.  Naked… Pot.. swimming is illegal.

IMG_9027 2

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