Adams Cabin Trail

Can I just say that this hike is one of the steepest hikes all around that I have ever done.  It is basically straight up the entire way.  So I would not recommend bringing children or small out of shape dogs… unless you want to carry them.  The cabin trail starts out as if you were just going to hike adams.  you park in the same place and you go up the same sandy switch backs.  But as you reach the top and see the trail go off to the right, into the canyon, you will, Instead, go straight up the hill to the left.  That first hill is a doozy, and may get you thinking, “why?”  But just so you know, it will be just as steep for basically the rest of that hike.

The trail is about 6 miles round trip, so not too much longer than adams, but the elevation change is a very steep 2,983 ft.  This hike was challenging for me because my husband and I did not know exactly where we were going. and I had no idea how long I was going to have to hike up these steep hills.  I like to be mentally prepared for these kinds of hikes and if I am not I become a huge baby.

We had hiked this trail two times before and failed to find the cabin because we were losing day light and had no idea how much longer we had to go.  We probably should have started earlier but we like seeing the sun set.  I seriously doubted that the cabin actually existed for a while.  But alas, it is there and is real.  It is well hidden, you won’t see it until you are right next to it.  A lot of the trail is over grown and hard to follow, but basically just goes straight up.  There aren’t many turns or anything to get lost on, but trees and brush have done a lot of growing. Some trail maintenance would be nice.

You may think seriously about turning around before you get to the cabin, but keep going.  It is worth the steep climb.  You can even camp out in the cabin if needed.  People leave tools, food, and even drinks there for fellow campers.  All that is asked is that you leave the tools there for the next group of people brave enough to spend the night.  I actually think staying there would be pretty fun.  The cabin is small but could easily sleep 4 people in the bunk bed.  Great hike, you will burn some major calories.


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