Elephant Arch

St. George is full of amazing hikes.  The red rock views are hard to beat, but I’d like to point out the elephant in the city.  The fact is, Southern Utah hikes are becoming extremely over crowded.  We recently did Kanarra Falls and stood in line about an hour just trying to go up the first latter.  Zion’s is considering allowing entrance through the lottery system in order to alleviate over population.  Not my kind of hiking.  In fact, I hate crowds so much that even Disney Land is considered the most miserable place on earth in my book.  Slow moving lines with smelly people is not my idea of a good time.  So if you are looking for a less populated hike, I’d recommend elephant Arch.  Although simply posting this might create more traffic.

This hike is located in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.  Start at the Mill Creek trail head and turn right onto Bone Wash.  It will be marked.  The power lines will lead the way to a flat valley way, which you will follow until you reach the Elephant Arch marker.  The trail from there on is very well marked so you can’t get lost.


Keep in mind this hike is very easy.  It is about 4 miles round trip but pretty flat the entire way with only  a 454 ft elevation gain.  It barely took my husband and I an hour to hike and that included goof off time in front of Lopen, which is what we name the elephant.  If you are a Nerd you will know what book that name comes from.

So bring the kids!  They will have a blast playing around Elephant Arch… although keep in mind to get up to the elephant you have to pass a mile marker that declares the trail Illegal, which we may or may not have crossed… but lets not talk about that particular elephant in the room.

Trailhead: 37°09’42.0″N 113°30’46.4″W Arch: 37°10’38.4″N 113°29’38.7″W

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