Petroglyph Loop

Petroglyph loop was the highlight of my St. George trip.  The hike is a fairly easy one while still being 5 miles round trip.  My suggestion is to go during the work week or early on a weekend to avoid crowds.  This hike does get busy!  And being a slot canyon, it can get pretty claustrophobic without a bunch of people trying to push their way through.

The hike starts off the Gila trail head by Snow canyon, but good news, you don’t have to pay the entrance fee for this hike.  You park off 4200 before the Snow Canyon Entrance.  It is a little road that looks like you are going into a bunch of farmers houses. You can basically park where ever you want down this road and the trail head couldn’t be closer.

Trailhead: 37°10’52.4″N 113°37’25.6″W


I do have one warning.  the path you start out on is a smelly one.  I call it poop path because apparently someone thought it smart to put a sewage line across the entire first stretch of the trail.  Don’t worry, the smell goes away once you get to the gated area.  From there take a sharp right up the Gila trail and get as far from poop path as you can!  After that the trail is simple to follow with markers throughout the entire path.  But, all the sites off the beaten path are tempting.  Lucky for you wandering is not frowned upon, although it may add a few miles to your trip.



Once you get to a fork in the road you should follow the mile marker that reads “Petroglyphs”… pretty straight forward.  From there you will venture down a slick rock hill, turn left, and enter the slot canyon.   the slot is hidden with some vegetation but has a marker right in front, so you shouldn’t miss it.  You may feel a little like you are in some kind of adventure movie as you are walking through.  The experience is unique. At the end of the tunnel there will be some petroglyphs for your viewing pleasure as well, so enjoy.

Slot Petroglyphs: 37°10’55.6″N 113°37’41.5″W


This hike is a great for the whole family and isn’t a hard one.  So as long as you can put 5 miles behind you, bear in mind there ins’t much of an elevation gain, than this is the hike for you.  The kids will love going through the slot canyon and looking at the petroglyphs.  I highly recommend it.

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