Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche is an incredible hike that isn’t for the faint of heart.  It is a 7 miler and is rated as difficult.  If you want some good exercise along with amazing views, this is the hike for you!  The Lake Blanche trailhead is about four miles up Big CottonWood Canyon in Utah.  You will reach an S-Curve and find two parking lots… hopefully. But just in case, here are the coordinates.  (N40° 38′ 00″, W111° 43′ 26″).  My group missed the parking lots and parked on the side of some road.  We then continually walked a half mile in the wrong direction.  Not recommended.

If you go in the summer, the yellow flowers are blossoming and are everywhere.  It is really awesome!  Although the heat can really get to you, so bring lots of water and wear sunscreen.  Sweating buckets on this hike is just part of the experience because there is almost no shade and the inclines are steep. However, there might still be a little bit of snow at the top.  I recommend venturing this hike in the fall, although summer was not a disappointment and is still a very popular time to hike.


The lake at the top is absolutely Gorgeous.  I was a little disappointed when I read the sign that said no swimming allowed.  But looking was nice too.  Make sure to pack some food in for a picnic at the top.  You will be famished, and if you are like me… starving!



I’d definitely recommend this hike to those who aren’t afraid of some hard work to get there.  Most of my favorite hikes are rated difficult because they are the ones with the best views…and I like a good work out.  Lake Blanche is a steep hike with a whopping 2,746 elevation gain.  But, I even saw a few kids on the trail, so you should be fine. Yes, a few of them may have been screaming and crying….. but kids do that everywhere, so who knows.  However, my advice would be to leave the little’s home for this one.


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