Wind Caves

I enjoyed this Logan Utah Hike.  Just drive about 5 miles up Logan Canyon until you reach Malibu Campground.  The hike is 3.5 miles round trip with a 1100 ft elevation gain.  It is a little steep.  The hike consists of skinny switch backs with very little shade. So,  If you go in the summer bring lots of water and prepare to sweat!

The main wind caves are more like large caverns caused by wind erosion.  It’s more like you are in big open rooms rather than an actual cave.  They’re unique and really cool.  This hike also gets really popular in the early spring and late fall time slots because the weather is a little more bearable.  Go early in the morning or during the week to avoid the crowds.

Even though this hike consists of mostly switch backs the views of the mountains beyond are stunning.  Just an FYI for the kiddos this hike is rated moderate.  I saw some littles on the trail but just know this hike probably won’t be done without complaint. You will burn some calories so when you get to the top relax and enjoy the shade with the comfort that its all downhill from there!

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