Chasing Sunsets

Everyone’s favorite holiday is just around the corner.  The only day of the year where true expression of love is put to the test and ultimately determined by how and who you spend it with.  The day where those with significant others scramble about buying flowers and heart shaped candy boxes content to express the love and romance that is unavoidably in the air.  Yet, Those without a significant persona feel an inevitable void that no amount of chocolate can ever fill.  Valentines day can definitely be a dramatic holiday for some.   But it is almost here and unpreventable so why not enjoy it?  I for one like Valentines day and think only good can come from celebrating love in your life.  So, instead of brooding or bragging about your love life this year, fill the day chasing actual contentment.  And can I suggest doing so off the Grid?

There is nothing more romantic than the prospect of adventure.  And if you time the hike just right, the lighting of adventure can swoop in and set the mood.  What is more romantic than a sunset honestly?  Winter and fall days are great for hiking because the sun sets earlier in the day this time of year.   Your first sunset seen from a snowy hill will provide you with no choice but to fall in love with nature itself…. significant other or not.


I like to plan my hikes around 3 or 4pm depending on the length and duration of the hike so on the way down the sunset is booming!  That way you get your waterfall destination and an epic sunset on the way down.  That’s two destinations in one amazing trip. Even if you find yourself alone without a Valentine, take your friend, family, or even your dog.  The dark mood following you on this day or any day for that matter won’t last after being exposed to a nuclear explosion of light.


And the best part is that no sunset is ever the same.  Even if you do the same hike, the sun light will change it and any void will temporarily clear and for that moment everything will be seen in the right light.  I for one can’t get enough of the temporary relief that comes from the off grid chase and capture of sunsets.


Happy Valentines day!  Spend it by doing what you love with the people you love.


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    1. Thanks Sarah! I love all your pictures. I’d love to learn more about Photography. It’s on my bucket list of hobbies to pick up. I should probably get an actual camera first huh?


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