Patsy Mine

So my favorite destinations for hiking are waterfalls, but if you want something unique and a little scary then try Patsy Mine.  Okay it really isn’t that scary.  The mine isn’t too deep and you can go all the way to the dead end quickly.  There are a couple of turn offs in the mine that lead to other dead ends as well.  But if you are like me as you walk into the dark abyss, you won’t be able to help being a little creeped out.  I had no idea how deep the mine was, so walking into the unknown was a little frightening for me.  Make sure you Bring a flash light!


This hike is in Farmington Utah off the Bonneville shoreline.  There is absolutely no shade the entire way up.  I do not recommend this hike in the dead of summer, which of course is when I decided to hike it, because it is hot and there is minimal shade. But the cave is nice and cool and may negate any fear you have of going inside.  So if you hike in the summer bring a lot of water.  The hike is short, only about .7 miles to the cave.  However you can keep going about a 1/2 mile passed the cave to flag rock at the the top of the mountain.  This hike is steep and will work the legs.  Little kids might struggle with this hike.  I struggled!

Trailhead: 40° 58.920’N, 111° 52.586’W

Some History about the cave, obviously a man named Patsy was mining for Gold and Silver, but from the looks of the cave, I don’t think he found anything.  It’s pretty big for a mine around here though.  And flag rock has some history as well.  A man name Randy West put the american flag up on the top of the mountain in honor of his friend Gary Bradley, who was born on flag day and passed away in November of 1976.

So there is a super exciting history lesson for you.  I recommend this hike if you want something different and feel like creeping through a dark tunnel that leads to no where.  Don’t get scared!




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