Waterfall Canyon


Waterfall Canyon, located in Ogden, UT off 29th Street, features a gorgeous 200ft waterfall that is quite impressive.  The name Waterfall Canyon is fitting.  This hike is fairly short, just 2.5 miles round trip, yet could be considered a tad Strenuous. The elevation Gain is over 1000ft going 1.2 miles up.

trail head Coordinates.  (41.211, – 111.932)

Waterfall canyon is rocky and going down is not necessarily the easiest.  I almost prefer hiking in the winter when all the rocks are covered with snow.  Slap on some ice cleats and the rocks are nonexistent.  Any other time you will be skidding down the mountain dodging rocks.  It is just not a smooth hiking trail so just be aware.  Otherwise it is a great hike with an awesome destination and pretty views.  Bring your dogs and your kids!  Although kids might be a little tired with this one, it’s short though so if they can keep up for 1.25 miles they are golden.

As your venture on your hike are there a few off the main path trails that will lead elsewhere.  Once you cross the first wooden bridge take the path to your left.  That will lead up the canyon to the waterfall.  Enjoy!

P.S.  I know my dog looks dead in this picture, but I promise he is just tired and enjoying the snow.


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