Kanarra Creek Trail

Kanarra Creek is a gem!  The Hike is located in Kanarraville just outside of St. George.  (Trailhead: 37°32’15.2″N 113°10’32.5″W) I remember being amazed the first time I went through the slot canyon.  My feet were also frozen solid, but the pain was worth it.  And I am a baby when it comes to the cold.  The entire trail is essentially a creek and your feet will be submerged for most of it.  You are trudging through a watery slot canyon climbing waterfalls along the way.  It is quite the sight.  But the water varies in temperature depending on when you go.  In my opinion it is either cold or really cold.  I recommend water socks.  They are a foot saver.

My only complaint about the trail is the popularity.  This hike is so popular that there might be a 45 minute wait just to go up the first latter in the canyon.  It is ridiculous!  My first time hiking Kanarra it hadn’t grown in popularity yet.  I loved it so much that we went again a year or so  later but  just left because the lines were so long.  The parking has also changed.  they now charge ten bucks to park by the trail head so we parked by town hall and hoofed it.  I didn’t mind the extra half mile it added to our hike.

So, My recommendation is to go during the week in the fall.  We went in October the third time around and the crowds weren’t nearly as bad, although I don’t think there is a time that this hike won’t be a little crowded.  This him is best during spring, summer and early fall.  Other wise your poor feet won’t be able to handle the cold water.  I would also suggest not going during holidays or school breaks.  Those days are certain to be over crowded and miserable.  Experience this beautiful hike without having to stand miserably in foot freezing water while watching random people climb painstakingly slow up the latter’s.  What can I say… I am not a people person.


This hike can be as long as you choose really.  There are two latter’s to climb once you get into the slot canyon and a lot of people choose the second latter as their destination.  But I would suggest at least making it to the natural water slide about a mile or so after the second latter.  If you go to the slide the hike is around 5 miles round trip and you get to submerge your entire body in that cold water.  You won’t regret it.

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