The Grotto, Farmington Utah

The Grotto in Hornet Canyon is a short almost hidden hike near Farmington Utah, which features mossy rocks, weeping caverns, and small waterfalls.  The destinations is gorgeous although not well marked so finding it may be a challenge.


To reach the trail head take Woodland Drive for .8 miles until you see a gravel parking lot and a gate on the left hand side. (40.96705, -111.87304)  You will venture through the gate and use the Bonneville Shoreline trail to access the Steed Creek trail.


Go up the man made steps and follow the narrow trail to the fork in the road.  Take the path on the right to a small wood plank bridge.  Turn left at the bridge, fro there the path is pretty straight forward although it does get a little steep from here on out.

Hike Info.  

The Grotto is approximately 2.4 miles round trip with a 655 ft elevation gain.  The trail is mostly narrow with most of the elevation gain at the end.  This trail is kid and dog friendly although probably better suited for children 10 yrs or older.

This trail has a few fire pit and camping areas along the trail so camping and marshmallow roasting is definitely an option.  The Grotto is absolutely gorgeous. It features weeping rock and a little water fall. You will see lots of greenery and moss covered rocks, creek beds and water features all along the way.  This hike took us less than an hour to complete.  So if you are pressed for time, or looking for something short and sweet this is the hike. Go. Play. Have fun!




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