Davis Creek Trail


There are so many great hikes in Farmington!  Davis Creek trail actually offers multiple hiking options.  The hike consist of three different loop possibilities.  Venturing to the waterfall and around is a short and sweet 1 miler loop.  Very easy and great for kids.  If you want more of a challenge you can take the second loop up passed the water fall for a steep challenging loop that you won’t regret.  we ventured to mile marker 41 and around, which is still only 2 miles.  The elevation gain however was 1077 ft.  Very steep and probably too difficult for children.  You can of course keep going,  I’m not even sure where the trail ends, turn back and around or back the way you came.  Like I said… lots of options.

Trailhead: 40.966060, -111.872870

The trail head begins up Woodland Dr. in Farmington.  Park by the retention pond and walk south to the shaded trailhead.  The big sign that says Davis Creek Trail is where you want to start.  It’s hard to miss.


The trail is fairly shaded and doesn’t have too much of an incline to the water fall.  There is even a comfy bench for you to rest and enjoy the view.  The waterfall is viewable from this point but I would recommend taking the path down to the waterfall to get an up close and personal look.

The ropes that are supposedly there to help you get to the waterfall were not present during our hike, so we had to huff it on our own without help.  We survived!  It really wasn’t too bad getting down to the waterfall and climbing up.


From the waterfall you can take the left road across the bridge for the short mile loop.  Or go straight up for the steep 2 miler.

Along both trails you will find yellow wild flowers popping up to say hi!  the trail is beautiful.  The 2 mile loop changes quit significantly once you reach the top and turns into more of a forest.  The trees are unique and everything is so green in the spring and summer.  But be prepared for steep inclines on that 2 miler.

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