Fernwood Cabin

Fernwood recreation site provides a whole bunch of trails for hiking, horse back riding, and mountain biking.  There are easy trails great for children and not so easy trails designed a good sweat.   I recently discovered a definite sweat enhancing trail that leads to an old cabin.  the cabin is pretty well hidden, so if you don’t pay attention you will miss it.

The trailhead: (41.0891105, -111.903829)

park in the upper parking lot of the Fernwood Recreation Site and head northeast to the cobblestone path.  The trail to the cabin is not marked so as you follow the cobblestone path and reach the fork in the road take the trail to the right.  That trail will turn a little rocky which will also split but at the second split you can go either way.  The trail to the left is steeper and more difficult if you are into that sort of thing or the trail to the right is a little over grown but a lot easier.  Choose what you will.  Both trails merge together eventually.

This hike is absolutely beautiful.  there are flowers everywhere and it is very green.  But It looks as if there was once a fire because the trail is littered with grey dead trees.  I love the contrast of the green and yellow with wiry trees jetting through out.  Be aware this trail is steep.  The elevation gain is 1447 ft. and is a little over 3 miles round trip.  It’s a calf burner, but beautiful none the less.

As you venture to the top more of those deadened trees will pop up.  keep going unitl you reach this rock formation.

img_1842 From here the cabin is about ten minutes away and to the right.  If you don’t pay attention you will miss it.  Although someone was gracious enough to put a marker at the path that leads to the cabin.

The Cabin: GPS Coordinates (41.0914 N. -111.8853 W)

The cabin is old and a wall came down but is still standing and worth seeing.  You can go inside and even sign you name to the guest book.  You can also read some interesting entries from the those who have come before us…

If you are interested in more cabin hikes, check out the Adams Cabin Trail.

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