Snowy Hikes Anyone Can Do

Although the snow hasn’t been as impressive as years past, the mountains are acceptably dusted and makes for a beautiful slippery adventure.  Now that Christmas has ended I hope that cheery holiday spirits hasn’t slowly dwindled along with the long cold months of winter.  If so, a snowy hike in the mountains above the doom and gloom is sure to turn that Grinchy attitude around.  Although Snow can make hiking slippery and difficult, there are a few hikes that are tame enough that anyone can take them on.  Even the Grinch.  Take it from me being pregnant and all.


Length: 1 mile round trip

Elevation: 370 ft.

Adams canyon provides many different destinations but in the snow you may need some extra equipment and determination to get to the waterfall.   for those looking for a short less strenuous stroll Lower falls is the hike you and your whole family can enjoy.  The swtich backs can be a little rough,  luckily lower falls does not require hiking up all of them.  Once you make it to the bench you take the right turn down the hill and follow that path all the way to the falls.  The entire hike is only 1 mile round trip; very tame for a 20ft waterfall destination.  And snow makes it that much better. If you go at the right time, you may find yourself amid a snowy sunset. It may help to mentally prepare for the switch backs before hand, but if I can do it, so can the Grinch.




3333 Fernwood Cir, Layton, UT 84040

Mileage Varies

Fernwood offers many different options.  The trail actually hooks up to Adams Canyon but most people don’t make it all the way to Adams and will turn around a mile or two up.  The trail is very mild with varying elevation gains depending on how far you go and which way. Once you reach the bridge you have two options, you can venture to the right which leads to Adams canyon or you can go to the left which is a short trail to an old swing and pond area.  Perfect for kids and the whole family.  If you take the trail to the right that leads to Adams, feel free to turn around at any point.  There is no true destination.  Being pregnant and all I didn’t want to push myself too much so we just went down the incline to the creek bed. The water was frozen and very pretty.




Sorry I didn’t have any snowy pictures of the swing…



27th Street, Ogden

1.6 miles

358ft elevation gain

If you are looking for something during the holidays and want to be filled with Christmas Spirit, I recommend the mysteriously decorated Christmas Tree hike in Ogden.  There are two different trails you can start on to get to the tree.  You can start on 29th, which is the same trail leading to Waterfall Canyon or you can take the 27th street trail head. (just get on 27th and go as far east as you can until you hit a mountain.) I have only ever done the 27th street trail for the Christmas tree, which is the shorter option.  If you start here the tree is to the south somewhere between 27th and 29th.  But you will start with the trail on the North.  You will pass a dog drinking station so you know you are on the right path.  You will reach a trail marker, which you will then stay on the south trail. Do not take Malan’s Peak, although a beautiful hike.

Bear in mind however that snow can make parts of this hike a little sketchy.  I recommend a good pair of hiking cleats.  There is an incline that gets a little steep and skinny, which in the snow is a little slippery.  We made it to the tree with out any equipment but with belly throwing off my center of gravity, I would have been grateful for the right equipment.  I did this hike at 27 weeks and there were also kids on the trail, just prepare for icy conditions. Be safe out there my friends!


The Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve

S3200  Layton, UT 84041

1.3 Miles

6ft Elevation

If you are looking for something with literally no elevation gain, this is the stroll for you. This place is a truly unique walking path through the Great Salt Lake water marshes, which provides a feeding ground for many different species of migrating birds.  The preserve closes at 8pm and is free. The best part of the preserve, in my opinion, are the bird watching structures you can climb up for better views. Each structure has plaques and signs with facts about the wild life that inhabits the preserve. Definitely a great experience for kids and families.


Don’t let the snow and cold keep you in.  Get out there and enjoy a more refreshing hike with the kiddos through the beauty of winter.




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