Waterfall Canyon

  Waterfall Canyon, located in Ogden, UT off 29th Street, features a gorgeous 200ft waterfall that is quite impressive.  The name Waterfall Canyon is fitting.  This hike is fairly short, just 2.5 miles round trip, yet could be considered a tad Strenuous. The elevation Gain is over 1000ft going 1.2 miles up. trail head Coordinates.  (41.211, - 111.932) Waterfall... Continue Reading →

Patsy Mine

So my favorite destinations for hiking are waterfalls, but if you want something unique and a little scary then try Patsy Mine.  Okay it really isn't that scary.  The mine isn't too deep and you can go all the way to the dead end quickly.  There are a couple of turn offs in the mine... Continue Reading →

Winter Depression

Winter is rough.  Speaking as someone who suffers from extreme anxiety, which seems to be much worse in the cold sunless months, I don't necessarily look forward to Winter.  Getting out and about is much more difficult when everything is dark and dreary.  The cold tends to take over, exposing everything in its midst to a bleak... Continue Reading →

Bells Canyon

This hike has one of the best waterfall destinations of all the hikes I have posted.  It is pretty impressive along with it's amazing views of the reservoir and Salt lake City. Length and Elevation Gain The hike is considered difficult, but is pretty laid back until the last incline toward the falls.  This incline... Continue Reading →

Chasing Sunsets

Everyone's favorite holiday is just around the corner.  The only day of the year where true expression of love is put to the test and ultimately determined by how and who you spend it with.  The day where those with significant others scramble about buying flowers and heart shaped candy boxes content to express the love... Continue Reading →

Wind Caves

I enjoyed this Logan Utah Hike.  Just drive about 5 miles up Logan Canyon until you reach Malibu Campground.  The hike is 3.5 miles round trip with a 1100 ft elevation gain.  It is a little steep.  The hike consists of skinny switch backs with very little shade. So,  If you go in the summer bring lots of water and... Continue Reading →

Lake Blanche

Lake Blanche is an incredible hike that isn't for the faint of heart.  It is a 7 miler and is rated as difficult.  If you want some good exercise along with amazing views, this is the hike for you!  The Lake Blanche trailhead is about four miles up Big CottonWood Canyon in Utah.  You will... Continue Reading →

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