Petroglyph Loop

Petroglyph loop was the highlight of my St. George trip.  The hike is a fairly easy one while still being 5 miles round trip.  My suggestion is to go during the work week or early on a weekend to avoid crowds.  This hike does get busy!  And being a slot canyon, it can get pretty... Continue Reading →

Elephant Arch

St. George is full of amazing hikes.  The red rock views are hard to beat, but I'd like to point out the elephant in the city.  The fact is, Southern Utah hikes are becoming extremely over crowded.  We recently did Kanarra Falls and stood in line about an hour just trying to go up the... Continue Reading →

Deule Creek

The Deule Creek hike in Centerville Canyon was a pleasant surprise for me.  I chose it randomly as a hike never before done and decided to check it out.  It is family friendly while still being a moderate hike.  If going all the way to the waterfall, this hike is about a 4.5 mile round trip with... Continue Reading →

Adams Cabin Trail

Can I just say that this hike is one of the steepest hikes all around that I have ever done.  It is basically straight up the entire way.  So I would not recommend bringing children or small out of shape dogs... unless you want to carry them.  The cabin trail starts out as if you... Continue Reading →

Fifth Water Hot Spring

Hot Springs are always a good destination and this hike definitely lives up to the hype.  But beware, many people like to relax in the hot pots nude.  So, even though I believe this hike is very kid friendly, you may come across something you don't want them to see. I don't want to see... Continue Reading →

Adams Canyon

This hike is definitely at the top of my list of favorite hikes, just because it is so close to home.  The fact that my husband proposed to me at the top doesn't hurt it's standings either.  I have seriously hiked Adams over a hundred times.  That is not an exaggeration.  Adams Canyon is located... Continue Reading →

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